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Painting Tips 101

You may find the tips below useful when you plan to paint for your business or home improvement project. These are the little things that play an important role in your painting projects. Sometimes these are over looked by DIY homeowners.

You must use quality paint. Quality paint should be used no matter if it is for walls or woodwork. There is a big difference when you use quality product than the average one. If you will use cheap paint, you will just waste the labor. The good quality enamels will do better than the cheap ones for woodwork and walls. There is a difference.

You need purchase painting tools. You must not be hesitant in buying quality tools. This will let you do the job. Quality painting tools will last longer.
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You must do the preparation between coats. Many people don’t like to do this stage. They do not know where they must start and end. You can finish a ceiling when you add one coat of paint or primer to the walls then proceed to the woodwork by adding a primer coat before you fill the holes and cracks. This is because you can now see them all good.
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For exterior or interior color coordinating, you may use the paint brochure. This is required especially for the exterior part. If you will just based on different house colors, you will see odd colors, purple doors, and other colors, which are unusual.

That’s why there are standardized colors in order for the house not to look like a clown. When you see your vinyl siding or shutters have odd colors, you must refer to the standardized colors.

Your ceiling must be painted in white. You can picture a living room or bedroom with soft white ceiling and wonderful colors on the walls. You may choose a dead flat finish on the ceiling for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and also the hallways. This is why it is not advisable to use cheap paint. On the first coat, you must use the primer and the second coat use the ceiling white.

In your kitchen and bathroom, go for low-luster, eggshell, or satin finish because of its wash ability.

You may also paint with fluorescent light. Nothing beats the natural sunlight when it is about interior painting. You must have extra light when it is during cloudy days.

Why select fluorescent light? This is because it is also a white light like the natural sunlight. It makes the color looks real.

Do not forget to filter your paint. If you are painting and putting your paint back into the container, it attracts contaminants. You may see small dried chunks or hair. This is why it is important to filter your paint.

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