Seasonal Cactus Lovers Have Options

Who doesn’t love a cactus? They’re green, naturally repel pets and at least have a fighting chance, don’t need watered every day—a brown thumber’s dream plant. Of course some cactus varieties can be quite costly as decorating options. Some affordable, low-maintenance options worth considering are the seasonal cactus varieties. There is the Thanksgiving, Easter, and of course Christmas cactus.

The Christmas cactus is an excellent variety for those who want a small plant that blooms once in a while for some added color and excitement. This cactus gets its name from the fact that it blooms for 2-4 weeks, generally starting in December and lasting through the Christmas holiday.

The flowers themselves are roughly 2 or 3 inches in length and tubular in shape. The flowers tend to be very bright and colorful. This is probably because the Christmas cactus originally came from Brazil, a land known for its exotic colors. The leaves, however, lay very flat and have a smooth, hairless surface with a hard texture.

The Thanksgiving cactus also gets its name from the time of year it generally blooms. However, this vibrant plant is also known as the crab cactus. The leaves on the Thanksgiving cactus have edges on them which are toothed and give the appearance of having a pair of fangs at the end of each branch.

The Easter cactus tends to bloom around the first couple weeks of April. This odd-looking plant grows straight or as close to straight as it can get. Easter cactus leaves are jointed and have hairs on them. The leaves also have fanglike points like the Thanksgiving cactus, though not as pronounced.

Of course you don’t have to settle for one of the holiday cacti. There are hundreds of varieties perfectly suited for you home. Every species comes with its own specific care instructions and needs. It is important to find out from the nursery or wherever you bought your cactus just exactly how to care for the plant. Most are relatively low maintenance but some of the more exotic species have specific and exacting requirements.

Having a cactus that blooms around the holidays can be an excellent conversation piece and a chance for you to show off your “green thumb”. Adding both color and vibrant contrast to any room, a cactus is a low-maintenance plant that will only make you look good. Choose a cactus for every holiday so that there is always something beautiful to look at while eating all that delicious food! And remember, if a blooming cactus around the holidays just isn’t your cup of tea, there are hundreds of other varieties to choose from and each offers its own special features.

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